• The Top 5 Things that Affect Vision Clarity

    The Top 5 Things that Affect Vision Clarity

    Do you occasionally suffer bouts of blurry vision – times when your eyesight seems to be worse, whether it’s in the middle of the day, after dark, or doing certain activities? Vision is typically not static, but it is dynamic dependent on a variety of internal and external factors. That’s why at certain times, your

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  • What is Wavefront LASIK?

    What is Wavefront LASIK?

    With all the various clinics employing different types of laser eye surgery, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Some patients have a laissez-faire attitude towards their surgery; after all, doesn’t your laser eye surgeon automatically use the latest most effective technology to perform the procedure? Yes, but there are

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  • Understanding your eyeglass prescription

    Understanding your eyeglass prescription

    After your eye exam, the doctor hands you a small slip of paper covered with confusing numbers. You take it, without even looking at it, straight to your optician, who uses it to make your next pair of lenses. At no time do you understand any part of the process. Sound familiar? While you don’t

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  • Laser eye surgery in Canada

    Laser eye surgery in Canada

    With decades of laser eye surgery behind us, most people accept the procedure as being safe and very beneficial in achieving perfect or near-perfect vision without the use of glasses or contacts. However, one of the things about laser eye surgery that still gives people pause is the fact that it’s…well…surgery. While laser eye surgical

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