• Eye Exams

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      Toronto Eye Care Provides Comprehensive Eye Examinations

      Human Retina

      Our experienced eye doctors, ophthalmic technicians and assistants are ready to provide you with the most comprehensive eye examination possible. Each eye examination will be customized depending on your age group, medical/visual history, and personal risk factors. Our comprehensive ocular/medical testing will provide you with a current eyeglasses and contact lens prescription while diagnosing, treating and referring the following most common conditions:

      • eye infections and inflammation
      • dry eye disease
      • cataracts
      • glaucoma
      • macular degeneration
      • retina disorders including holes, tears and detachments
      • keratoconus

      Listed below are the medical tests performed in most comprehensive eye examinations.

      1. Hi-technology Pre-Testing

      • auto-refraction (refractive error estimate)
      • auto-keratometry (cornea curvature)
      • non-contact tonometry (glaucoma)
      • pachymetry (cornea thickness)
      • digital retina scan
      • tear osmolarity testing with TearLab for at risk patients

      2. Medical and Visual Case History

      • complete personal and family medical/visual history

      3. Visual Acuities (VA)

      • distance and near VA – corrected and uncorrected

      4. Subjective Refraction

      • glasses prescription for distance and near

      5. Binocular Vision Testing

      • cover test
      • near point of convergence
      • broad H test
      • stereoacuity

      6. Colour Vision Testing

      • usually performed on pediatric patients or any patient when medically necessary

      7. Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy

      • microscopic examination of anterior ocular structures – cornea, lens, conjunctiva, etc.

      8. Direct Ophthalmoscopy

      • internal examination of ocular structures, i.e. retina, optic nerve, vitreous, etc.

      9. Dilated Fundus Exam with Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopy

      • internal examination of ocular structures, i.e. retina, optic nerve, vitreous, etc.
      • patient pupils are fully dilated (using drops) to allow greater viewing area.
      • performed when medically necessary for at-risk patients

      10. Patient Counselling

      • discuss examination results with and provide a strategic plan of action with a medical recommendation
      • Q & A

      11. Patient transfer to Dispensary or Contact Lens Assistants

      • eyeglasses and contact lens purchase

      Our Ophthalmic Technicians

      Shelley Farr-Jones
      Daisy Cabral
      Lisa Andriano
      Alessandra Burzese

      Our Manulife location Clinic Manager and Ophthalmic Technician Team Leader is Lisa Andriano.  Shelley Farr-Jones is our Contact Lens Manager while Daisy Cabral and Alessandra Burzese are our experienced Ophthalmic technicians. Our Bloor Jane clinic is led by Cathy Andriano our Clinic Manager and Optician.

      The Toronto Eye Care team is a collection of experienced and dedicated professionals with decades of exemplary patient care and service. From contact lens services to patient medical tests, the Toronto Eye Care team works together to deliver the best in quality and service to maximize your satisfaction. We guarantee it.

      Sub-Specialty Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmic Surgeon Referrals

      Since our founding in 1993, Toronto Eye Care has developed strategic relationships with the best eye surgeons in Toronto to provide our patients with expedient referrals and integrated collaborative care. When our patients are diagnosed with an ocular medical condition that requires further investigation or surgical intervention the process is as follows:

      • Fax or email a Toronto Eye Care referral letter to the respective surgeon
      • Patients will be given the surgeon’s contact information and instructions to wait for our call
      • The surgeon will review the referral letter and contact OUR CLINIC with your appointment date and time
      • Toronto Eye Care WILL CONTACT YOU with the appointment details
      • Once you are made aware of the appointment details, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CONTACT THE SURGEON DIRECTLY if you need to modify your appointment

      If your symptoms WORSEN while waiting for your appointment, please call our clinic immediately for further instructions or proceed to an emergency room at your local hospital.

      Prescription Medication Refills

      To ensure safe and effective use of prescription medication, patients MUST consult and be examined by one of our eye doctors before any prescription is renewed.

      No consult or exam is required if a refill amount is indicated on the original prescription.

      After-Hours Ocular Emergencies

      Our eye doctors advise that all patients with after-hours ocular emergencies please proceed to the local hospital emergency room for immediate assistance.

      Click HERE for local hospital information.

    • Optical Dispensary

        Our Optical Dispensary: A Tradition of Eyewear Excellence in Yorkville

        Eyeglasses fitting two women

        Custom-Crafted Eyeglasses Personally Created to Exceed your Expectations

        Toronto Eye Care Optical Dispensary is a leader in premium eye wear and high quality ophthalmic lenses. Our experienced opticians provide needs based recommendation for your daily professional and personal visual tasks and focus on optimizing visual performance while reducing eye strain. Our opticians will educate you on our large offering of lens choices while giving you great advice on fashionable and comfortable frames.

        The World's Finest Ophthalmic Lens Technologies

        ESSILOR - Centre de production - Antony
        • Premium ophthalmic lenses from Essilor, Nikon, and Zeiss
        • In -stock Single Vision lenses in all powers
        • High Index Lenses – thinner lighter lenses
        • No-line Progressive Lenses – multi-focal power at all distances
        • Transitions Lenses
        • Polycarbonate / Lightweight Lenses
        • The best in anti-reflection, anti-scratch and blue filter lens coatings

        Premium Selection of Leading Designer Frames

        Eyewear woman
        • Large selection of the latest designer fashions from Europe, America, and Asia
        • Wide selection of styles, colours and sizes to fit all face shapes
        • All frame material types – plastic, metal, titanium and wood
        • On-site camera to take pictures with different frames for your family and friends

        Our Best in Class Custom-Crafted Eyeglasses Process

        Visioffice – High-Technology Eyeglasses Measurement System

        • precise measurements of key ocular and optical variables
        • provides ophthalmic lens laboratory additional information to customize lenses
        • takes minutes to perform

        Essilor Lens Edging System

        • our on-site state-of-the-art lens edging system allows our opticians complete quality control of your lens edging into your frame
        • one-hour eyeglasses service on select prescriptions
      • Contact Lenses

          contact lens on finger

          Our Contact Lens Practice - Excellence in Patient Care and Service

          Since 1993, Toronto Eye Care have been leaders in contact lens technology, care, and service. Our experienced eye doctors and contact lens technicians are ready to provide you with the most comprehensive contact lens services available. Each contact lens eye examination will be customized and personalized to determine the best prescription, brand, size and modality of your contact lenses.

          • Large, in-stock inventory of leading brands like Acuvue Oasys and Dailies Total One
          • Complete trial lens inventory for best fit
          • Custom fitting method to ensure best comfort and vision
          • Specialty Lens Experts – daily, toric, multi-focal and monovision
          • Rigid Gas Permeable and Scleral Lenses
          • Direct Delivery to your Home or Office

          How to Order Contact Lenses?

          1. BY TELEPHONE
          Manulife Clinic – call (416) 966-1955 
          Bloor/Jane Clinic – call (416) 604-4688

          2. BY E-MAIL
          send your contact lens order to contactlenses@torontoeyecare.com

          3. BY FAX
          Manulife Clinic – fax your order to (416) 966-3073
          Bloor/Jane Clinic – fax your order to (416) 604-7011

          4. IN PERSON
          Please visit our clinic during business hours and one of our assistants would be more than happy to help you place your order or pick up some lenses.Once your order is placed, our contact lens team will do their best to get your contact lenses to you as quickly possible.

          Contact Lens New Wearers Program

          Thinking about the freedom of contact lenses?

          Toronto Eye Care and its experienced team of contact lens experts make it easy to succeed in contact lenses. Our personalized new wearers program offers a complete system to get you wearing contact lenses as quickly as possible.

          • customized corneal curvature measurements
          • trial pair(s) of eye doctor recommended contact lenses in your prescription
          • starter kit of contact lens disinfecting and cleaning solution including case
          • bottle of contact lens comfort drops
          • one-on-one consultation with our contact lens technician:
            – handling and of contact lenses
            – insertion and removal techniques
            – helpful hints for successful wear
          • contact lens care and handling written instructions
          • 1 to 2 week follow-up examination with eye doctor

          Our new wearers program has helped many patients enjoy the freedom of contact lenses. It’s never too late to try and enjoy the benefits contact lenses have to offer. Let us know when you want to get started.

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          Our Contact Lens Managers

          Shelley Farr-Jones

          Bay & Bloor Manulife Centre Clinic Contact Lens Manager – Shelley Farr-Jones

          • over 20 years of contact lens patient experience
          • excellent patient service and communication skills
          • email shelley@torontoeyecare.com  with any inquiries



          Cathy Andriano

          Bloor-Jane Clinic Contact Lens Manager – Cathy Andriano, RO

          • close to 20 years of experience in contact lens care
          • excellent patient service and communication skills
          • email cathy@torontoeyecare.com  with any inquiries

          Eye Drops, Supplements, and Contact Lens Solutions

        • Laser Eye Surgery


            Toronto Eye Care's Comprehensive Laser Eye Surgery Care

            Laser eye surgery is a modern scientific miracle and has changed millions of lives since its approval in the early 1990s. Even though laser eye surgery is extremely safe and effective it is still an elective medical procedure and individuals must meet specific physical and medical criteria before they are considered candidates. Additionally, there are different types of surgery available and it is very important that patients receive the appropriate laser treatment for their specific medical and ocular situation.

            Our experienced eye doctors are leaders in the pre and post-operative management of laser eye surgery and can assist you in making the right medical decision. Our comprehensive laser eye surgery consultations are designed to determine if you meet the medical criteria to proceed and to recommend the best surgeon and procedure for you.

            Our comprehensive consultations will assess the following:

            • General Health
            • Prescription Stability
            • Contact Lens History (if applicable)
            • Cornea Curvature, Thickness, Topography, and Health
            • Pupil Size In Light and Dark Conditions
            • Intraocular Pressure
            • Retina Health

            For almost 25 years, Toronto Eye Care has been a trusted leader is laser eye surgery care and our eye doctors only recommend the most experienced, trusted and competent laser eye surgeons in Toronto. Our strategic and longstanding relationships with the leading laser surgery centres in the city – Bochner Eye Institute, Crystal Clear Vision and TLC Laser Eye Centres – have facilitated thousands of successful laser procedures through our clinics.

            Let Toronto Eye Care help you change your life forever. Take your first step by scheduling a consultation with your Toronto Eye Care doctor and discovering whether laser eye surgery is right for you.

            Our Surgical Affiliates

            The Bochner Eye Institute is one of the most highly-renowned Laser eye surgery Centres in the world. They have been providing eye care procedures for 80+ years and is located right in Toronto.

            Crystal Clear Vision is led by Laser Surgeon, Dr. Jeff Machat, Co-Founder of TLC Laser Eye Centres in their spectacular and modern surgical clinic in downtown Toronto’s Yorkville district.

            The TLC Laser Eye Centers of Toronto has preformed over 20,000 Lasik Eye Surgeries and provides affordable financing with a wonderful team of professionals and staff.

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          • Dry Eye Clinic

            Dry Eye Specialty Practice

            Dry Eyes

            Toronto Eye Care Dry Eye Practice specializes in state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment technologies to identify and alleviate dry eye issues. Our Dry Eye Practice is led by Dr. Barbara Caffery, an internationally recognized dry eye expert, whose clinical and research experience provides outstanding care to our patients.

            Specialized Diagnostic Testing Includes:

            • Schirmer’s Test
            • TearLab Osmolarity
            • Ocular Surface Disease Index Questionnaire
            • Cornea Staining
            • Lid Assessment
            • To Request an Appointment in Our Dry Eye Clinic

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          • Advanced Diagnostics

              Advanced Diagnostic Technologies

              Toronto Eye Care incorporates state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment into all of its eye care services to deliver the best in patient care. We believe advanced diagnostic technology is an integral part of our standard of care and helps our doctors and technicians make the right medical decisions for our patients.

              Fully Automated and Comprehensive Ocular Pre-Tester

              • auto-refraction – ocular refractive error (vision impairment) measurement
              • auto-keratometry – cornea curvature (shape of external lens of eye) measurement
              • non-contact tonometry – intra-ocular pressure measurement (glaucoma screening)
              • pachymetry – cornea thickness measurement (glaucoma and laser eye screening)

              Early Detection of Retinal Disease

              • excellent for diagnosis and comparative analysis of a variety of eye diseases:
              • macular degeneration and other diseases of the macula
              • retinal tears and detachments
              • glaucoma and other diseases of the optic nerve
              • central and branch retinal artery/vein occlusions
              • diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy and other diseases of the retina

              Threshold Peripheral Vision Measurements Within Minutes

              • subjective examination, requiring the patient to understand the testing instructions, fully cooperate, and complete the entire test in order to provide accurate results
              • detects any signs of glaucoma damage to the optic nerve
              • detects central or peripheral retinal disease
              • detects eyelid conditions such as ptosis or drooping
              • detects optic nerve disease
                detects diseases affecting the visual pathways within the brain

              First Objective & Quantitative Test For Diagnosing and Managing Dry Eye Patients

              • important diagnostic test for patients with:
              • dry eye or other ocular surface symptoms
              • a family history of dry eye or other ocular surface diseases
              • contact lenses
              • laser eye surgery or considering laser eye surgery
              • significantly improves treatment compliance
              • best indication of early stage disease

              Optos Ultra-Widefield Retina Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope

              • Optos Daytona is a 200° view of the retina in one panoramic image
              • provides our doctors with a detailed view of the peripheral retina in seconds
              • aids in the diagnosis of retina tears, detachments and disease

              Early Detection of Eye Disease

              We employ the latest in proven and innovative technologies to diagnose eye health issues as early as possible.

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