Claire L. Rose

Claire L. Rose was born in Yorkshire, England, and graduated with a degree in Psychiatric Nursing before emigrating to Canada in 1986. Her passion for eyewear motivated Claire to successfully switch careers and has worked as an Ophthalmic Dispensing Technician for over 25 years in 3 prestigious Yorkville locations. Claire joined the team at Toronto Eye Care in 2011 and many of her loyal clients were happy to find her there.

Claire is passionate about eye care, she likes nothing better than to help someone not only see better, but feel good about themselves in their new eyeglasses. She enjoys learning about the latest in advanced lens technology and making professional recommendations that will suit her patients’ needs. Claire creates a personalized recommendation using a combination of protective coatings, lens designs, and multiple pairs focused on task specific eyeglasses. She attends numerous optical trade shows to learn about the most innovative frames and lenses on the market.

Claire belongs to many charities, mostly children’s ones and has helped fit  eye glasses to under privileged  children via the school system and local lens companies. She  loves to cook, sew, enjoys yoga and Pilates and spending quality time with her husband of 16 years Ken.