Dr. Jerry Nolfi

Dr. Jerry Nolfi, Bsc, OD, MBA
Co-Founder, Toronto Eye Care
Co-Founder, Dr. Jerry Nolfi, Dr. Jill Paterson and Associates

Dr. Nolfi attended the University of Waterloo, School of Optometry and graduated with a Doctor of Optometry (OD) in 1993. Also, Dr. Nolfi attended the University of Toronto, Rotman School of Business and graduated with a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA).

Immediately following graduation from the University of Waterloo, Dr. Nolfi co-founded Toronto Eye Care Optometric Clinic with Dr. Kawale and the practice has grown successfully to serve approximately 40,000 patients. At the same time that Dr. Nolfi was opening his Toronto Eye Care clinic, he also founded an eye care clinic with his wife – Dr. Jill Paterson – in Toronto’s west end which still operates today at the Toronto West Professional Centre. Over the years, Dr. Nolfi has also owned and operated vision care clinics in major centres in Brampton and North York.

Dr. Nolfi has had many roles beyond clinical practice. He has been involved in the development of different vision care organizations and was President of Veris Health Sciences – an organization dedicated to new clinical treatments for macular degeneration. Also, Dr. Nolfi was the co-founder of Science with Vision Inc., the distributor of innovative eye care technologies including: (1) Macuhealth with LMZ – a proven supplement designed to protect the macula and (2) TearLab – the TearLab Osmolarity System is the first objective and quantitative test for diagnosing and managing Dry Eye patients.

Dr. Nolfi has served as a clinical and strategic consultant to many different vision care companies including Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc, Alcon Inc, Allergan Inc., AMO Inc., and TLC Laser Eye Centres Inc., and TearLab Inc. Over the years, Dr. Nolfi has lectured across Canada, the United States and internationally on many vision care issues. He has also published a number of articles in leading vision care journals. Dr. Nolfi has also been a leading participant in the clinical research community actively participating in many research projects including contact lenses, ocular lubricants, and other innovative eye care technologies.

Dr. Nolfi is a recognized lecturer within the vision care industry and over his career has presented on a variety of vision care issues at many national and international professional events and conferences. As a distinguished leader in the profession, he has appeared on a number of different media outlets including Global TV, CITY-TV Breakfast Television, Talk TV and CBC TV.

One of Dr. Nolfi’s greatest personal achievements was his successful lobbying of Nestle Canada Inc to maintain its nut-free status of five chocolate brands – KitKat, Smarties, Coffee Crisp, Mirage and Aero. Utilizing an Internet based strategy and the help of many fine Canadians, Dr. Nolfi was part of a group of individuals across the country that helped keep chocolates safe for nut-allergic people.

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