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    TearLab Tear Osmolarity Testing Now Available

    TearLab Tear Osmolarity Testing Now Available

    Toronto Eye Care (TEC) is proud to announce the addition of the TearLab Tear Osmolarity System to our advanced diagnostic practice. The TearLab Osmolarity System is the first objective and quantitative test for diagnosing and managing Dry Eye patients.

    • Fast and accurate results in seconds using only 50 nanoliters (nL) of tear film to diagnose Dry Eye Disease
    • Enables discussion with patients around a number improving treatment compliance
    • Incorporating tear osmolarity into the standard of care provides the best indication of early stage disease

    Hyperosmolarity has been described in the scientific literature as a primary marker of tear film integrity. When the quantity or quality of secreted tears is compromised (known as aqueous deficient or evaporative Dry Eye Disease), increased rates of evaporation lead to a more concentrated tear film (increased osmolarity) and can lead to inflammatory changes on the ocular surface.

    Our eye doctors and technicians are thrilled to have TearLab added to our diagnostic platform. TEC co-founder Dr. Nolfi stated that, “TearLab represents a significant leap forward in dry eye diagnostic technology. In my opinion, it will become the gold standard for dry eye diagnosis and will benefit many patients through early detection of a very common problem.”

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