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    Are toric contact lenses right for you?

    Are toric contact lenses right for you?

    If you have astigmatism, you may need special soft contact lenses called toric lenses to help you see better. These lenses are custom designed to fit your unique-shaped eye and provide clear vision throughout the day. Toric lenses do not come without their challenges and this fact makes it even more important to have these lenses fit by an experienced professional like the eye doctors at Toronto Eye Care.

    What are toric lenses?

    In order to understand what makes toric lenses different, it’s important to first understand what astigmatism is and how it affects the eye. Astigmatism is not an eye disease, but is one of the refractive errors of the eye preventing light rays from bending correctly for proper focus. It’s caused by a deviation, usually in the cornea, from the typical spherical shape that the cornea normally takes; instead of being symmetrically round, the cornea is more cone or football-shaped. Many people with the condition may simply assume that their blurred or distorted vision is just part of their near-sighted or far-sighted prescription but astigmatism is actually another error which compounds their visual dysfunction.

    A toric contact lens is a custom designed and shaped to conform to the eye and correct the astigmatism. Its unique shape creates different light-refracting powers on the vertical and horizontal planes of the lens to accommodate the differently-shaped cornea of patients with astigmatism, and thus properly correct the person’s vision. Simply increasing the power of your regular contact lens to correct the astigmatism is generally ineffective and a potential source of even greater eye strain.

    How to find the right toric contact lenses for you

    The experienced optometrists at Toronto Eye Care are toric contact lens experts and will help you choose the appropriate contact lenses that are the right power and fit for your eyes. Our specialized contact lens examinations will also advise you on the proper insertion, removal and care techniques to ensure optimal performance. Yes, this process involves more effort than clicking online but specialized contact lenses require professional care and attention.

    If you suspect that your current contact lenses are underperforming, or if you have an astigmatism and are considering going from glasses to contacts, consult with one of our eye doctors for professional care that makes a difference. To book your personalized consultation, call us or send an email to contactlenses@torontoeyecare.com.

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