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    Toronto Eye Care Celebrates 25th Anniversary

    Toronto Eye Care Celebrates 25th Anniversary

    On November 1, 1993, Toronto Eye Care began its humble mission to provide patient-centred eye care in a tiny, second floor clinic overlooking Bloor St. W. in downtown Toronto. Like any new practice, we had our struggles getting started, but what we lacked in appointment volume we made up with our boundless energy, innate enthusiasm and a clear sense of purpose.

    In 1997, we seized an opportunity to move into the Manulife Centre and built our second clinic across from Valu-Mart (now Bloor Market). Technological progress was reflective of this time and we invested heavily in innovative diagnostic technology, computer networking and even access to the nascent Internet. All of these efforts and investments were intended to maximize patient care and service while improving internal workflow and process. More importantly, we made our best investments in people when several of our local colleagues decided to join our practice: 2002 – Dr. Denis File (retired) and Dr. Mira Acs; Dr. Margann Pierson – 2007 to 2008 (relocated); 2012 – Dr. Barbara Caffery; and 2014 – Dr. Angela Di Marco. Each in their own special way made an immediate positive impact on our practice culture while making immeasurable contributions to excellence in patient care. Eventually, we outgrew our premises of over 20 years and moved in January 2018 into our stunning, new modern clinic on the Main Level in the Manulife Centre. We will never forget that special clinic on the Concourse level and will forever remember its monumental contribution to our practice.

    Over these 25 years, we have been incredibly blessed to work with some of the finest colleagues, opticians, technicians, and receptionists. Our excellence in eye care would not be possible without the dedicated effort and innate altruism of these wonderful professionals. They truly nurtured and lived our patient-centric culture which made daily health care practice a welcome joy rather than a dutiful grind. We wanted to gratefully acknowledge their tireless effort and express our sincerest gratitude for their dedicated professionalism and genuine regard for patient care.

    After 25 years of many meaningful and rewarding patient interactions, we would like to express our extreme gratitude for all the wonderful support, endless kindness, and genuine loyalty from all of our patients. You are truly some of the finest people we know.

    A very big thank you from all of us at Toronto Eye Care.

    Best Regards,

    Dr. Jerry Nolfi, Dr. Upen Kawale & the Toronto Eye Care Team

    Manulife Centre | 416-966-1955 | www.torontoeyecare.com

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