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    Toronto Eye Care CLOSED Until March 30th, 2020

    At Toronto Eye Care, the health and safety of our patient community is, and always will be, our top priority. Accordingly, our clinic will be temporarily CLOSED until Monday, March 30th to comply with the preventative social distancing policies mandated by our regulatory College and all levels of public health and government.

    During this social distancing shutdown period, please be advised as follows:

    • we will do our best to accommodate all your rescheduling requests
    • patients who are waiting for eyeglasses or contact lenses will be notified of their status once we reopen
    • patients who would like to re-order contact lenses can do so by phone (416) 966-1955 or by clicking order contact lenses
    • we will be receiving faxes from pharmacies for drug prescription refill requests and will renew those requests on a case by case basis
    • the Ministry of Health has cancelled all elective surgery for 3 weeks which may affect your cataract surgery times. You will be notified by your eye surgeon of your new surgery times

    During this social distancing shutdown period, we will be available for URGENT EYE CARE consultations as follows:

    1. By telephone: (416) 966-1955
    2. By email: info@torontoeyecare.com

    If you initiate an urgent eye care request, please leave a detailed message including your contact information and we will respond as soon as possible. Please understand that the Ministry of Health has requested that you DO NOT proceed to a local emergency room unless you have been advised to by one of our doctors.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this shutdown may have caused you and will do our best to accommodate your eye care needs as soon as possible. We will diligently monitor the evolving situation and provide more information should the need arise. We appreciate your patience, understanding and co-operation to ensure the health and safety of our entire clinic community.

    Thank you from all of us at Toronto Eye Care.

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  • Posted by Sally Davis on March 18, 2020, 3:27 pm

    Attention Dr. Nolfi,

    Yesterday I got a phone call concerning an appointment I had missed, they were wondering why. This was a surprise since I didn’t know about any appointment with the specialist from Toronto Western Hospital. No one had ever called me!
    I would REALLY LIKE to go to Southlake Hospital in Newmarket. It"s on the same road where I live, I’m approx.. 12-15 min east. I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t have an eye specialist there. Also, does that hospital know I actually reside in the area and not Toronto?
    Besides being much further away for me, I’d need to discover the best route to take and if there’s parking available, which requires me to take a trial run to Toronto.
    You told me not to be worried, stressed but that’s all I am, I’m not happy!
    As for my eyes, they feel fine.
    I did forget to mention that the cospot drops you wrote the prescription for… the last 2 refills Iv’e had are now generic, unable to get the original which I’d prefer, til perhaps June.
    Also, hope you and your family had a great vacation!


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