• 15 JUL 11
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    Toronto Eye Care Launches Visioffice Dispensing System

    Toronto Eye Care Launches Visioffice Dispensing System

    Toronto Eye Care Optometric Clinic (TEC) is proud to announce the addition of the Visioffice® from Essilor – a state-of-the-art dispensing system which produces a personalized optical solution for the individual visual needs of each patient.

    Our experienced optical associates will utilize Visioffice® from Essilor to:

    • Recommend the best lens solution for a given prescription or lifestyle
    • Record and perform up to 20 critical measurements – even those needed for today’s technologically advanced lenses
    • Measure the real 3D position of each eye’s unique eye rotation center (ERC) to create the most individualized lenses possible—eyecode™ lenses
    • Produce the most technologically advanced lenses to maximize visual acuity and optimize lens performance

    Visioffice® is the first and only universal measuring system that obtains every possible parameter needed for today’s individualized lenses. Only the Visioffice® system measures a revolutionary new parameter — the real 3D position of the eye rotation center for each eye to maximize lens performance and expedite adaptation.

    Please visit us in the Manulife Centre for a live demonstration or email us at eyeglasses@torontoeyecare.com for more information.

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